Monday, May 3, 2010

Countdown to China: 48 more days left!

When my family first organized my trip to China, the first thoughts that came to my head were, no facebook, no twitter, no youtube for 2 weeks! I know, it's sad. China has most recently banned these socialization sites, for the reasons I do not know. But when I told my mom about my dilemma, she considered an idea about writing a blog. I thought it was a cool idea, and with the positive opinions from friends and family, I decided that I should document my trip to China. Before, during and after.
Today is May 3, 2010 - Happy Birthday Matthew (One of my fellow China traveler members). I am still kind of nervous about going to China. Being born and raised in Canada and living in Vancouver, I'm so used to the clean air, the mountains and the beauty of the bright blue sky on a sunny day. I'm used to eating the multicultural food the city has to offer and using clean washrooms. Maybe you can say that I'm being spoiled by living in such a great city. And perhaps, maybe it's a good thing that I am adventuring out to another country (outside of North America), especially a country that my father was born in and where my ancestors originated from. But I really do not want to pee in a hole or eat dog. I already know that I am going to complain about the heat and possibly the smog and smell of the city. But maybe I should take a chance at accepting what China has to offer, minus eating dog, I would never do that, ever! Oh, and I am also not to excited about the plane ride. I have never been on a plane longer than 6 hours. A plane to China takes at least 13 hours. I know that isn't long considering any travelers traveling from Vancouver to Australia. I heard it takes like a whole day to get down under! (Get it? Down Under. Yeah, I know my jokes are lame). But when we booked the flight, we wanted to find the cheapest flight possible. So, we're flying China Eastern. According to one of my home-stay students who is from China, China Eastern is possibly one of the crappiest Airlines China has ever invented. Okay, maybe I'm over exaggerating. But my dad insists that their pilots are very well trained...we'll just wait and see. Hmm, maybe I should stop complaining. I'm going to have lots of fun, right?
So, it is time now that I prepare myself. I have 48 more days until I leave. I still have to learn how to speak words of mandarin and how to say "Where is the washroom" or "Can I have that for 2 dollars?" fluently. I still have to get my shots and my visa (I know, I'm slow at getting things done). I recently bought some treats for any little kids I see at my grandfather's village. My mom bought treats for little kids at the village when she went, like 25 years ago. So, I thought I would do the same. When she went to China, she wrote in a journal about her daily activities. I thought it would be a cool idea to continue in that same journal, except that she threw it away when she was renovating her room. So, I guess blogging would be a better idea. I'm going to try my hardest at updating and uploading pictures. I'm not technically with it, when it comes to computers. People who know me very well will know that!
So, let the countdown begin!
Oh, and by the way, GO CANUCKS GO!! You boys better win the cup before I leave to China! :)


  1. Meghan this is an excellent idea. This will let us experience your trip with us... but we still wish we could go with you. :( I guess it's time to practice your squats and hopefully you don't have the runs. :D

  2. Hey Meghan,
    Great blog you have there - I'll definitely have a look from time to time to see and read about your adventures in China.

  3. Hello Meghan,

    Just reading your blog that your mom sent me.
    You are very lucky to be going with your family members. I remember my first trip to Japan was at 20 years old. It will be a lasting memory.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip. Take in as much as you can. All the good and unexpected events will all be part of your adventure.

    We'll be checking into your stories.

    Auntie Abby & Uncle Martin

  4. Hey Meghan:

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts, and it is understandable the feelings you are feeling. The fear of the unknown, the love, the hate and the excitement..these elements make for a great roller coaster, and the journey on that ride will be a life-time treasure.

    You are so fortunate to be enjoying this great experience with your family, and especially your grandparents. I can't wait to read more of your journey in China and I am sure to cry (with joy that is) and laugh along with you.

    Auntie Janet