Wednesday, May 26, 2010

25 More Exciting Days!

I have 25 more days left to China, and if I needed to leave right now, I could.
Today, I finally got my travel vaccinations, which I thought would be more painful, but didn't hurt that much. Although the nurse did say, I might have sleepy symptoms, and a possible fever. Let's knock on wood that I don't. And she also gave me my shot in the middle of the waiting room for everyone to see. I was not too pleased about that.
I also got my travelers visa, and a hideous photo to go with it. Trust me, you don't want to ever see that photo. It doesn't live to exist! Really, it's that bad!
So, basically, if someone came calling to me to go to China, right at this moment, I could. Except that I have a job that must comply with and probably won't give me time off, right at this moment. Oh well...
But I'm still pumped for this trip. Everyday, I'm still counting down. I think the waiting part is the most exciting. But once you get to your travel destination, everything goes by so fast that the excitement completely vanishes.
But, hey I have 25 more exciting days!

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