Saturday, June 12, 2010


YES! One more week until I leave. I've decided to start packing tomorrow, since I don't have time any other day in the week. But, I've come to realize, that I'm actually not that prepared. I haven't exchanged any of my money, I haven't done any research about anything about China (ie. the language and the sites I'm seeing), and I haven't even decided what I really want to see and do in China. Sure, this trip is about finding my roots, but finding my roots must involve something. We're only going on one tour in Beijing, which will obviously help. But in the rest of the cities that we'll be visiting, we'll just be cruising around ourselves. Not knowing anything of what is going on. Hmm, maybe it's time to do some quick research on the internet.
So, now I'm a little worried about getting over jet-lag. People have told me, once you get to China, jet-lag doesn't effect you. But once you arrive home, you'll be tired for days, and maybe possibly months. Last year when I came back home from my trip to Toronto with my friends, I swear, I was tired for 1 month. And, sadly enough, the time difference is only 3 hours. Sad, I know.
Just imagine me coming home from China. I think I may be distinguished as a zombie. And just my luck, I have one day to rest, and then it's back to work! So, I guess now the real question is, will Meghan make it through her jet-lag? Or will she be a zombie at work? We'll just wait and see...
The days are now dwindling down. 7,6,5,4,3,2,1!

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