Friday, June 25, 2010

“Hong Kong” (in a Chinese accent)

Yes!! I’m in Hong Kong! Finally at last!
The flight from Beijing to Hong Kong was full of turbulence, and the flight was delayed by at least 2 hours. The food sucked, and I think I got food poisoning. I thought that I would never make it to Hong Kong but here I am…..
Right after we got off the flight and came out of the tunnel from Kowloon into Hong Kong, my Grandpa got all jumpy and the picture on his face was priceless. He is finally home! He is at old his stomping grounds, and back in the city where he raised his family.
Yes, I’m excited to be here. But for some reason bad things keep on creeping up. When I finally arrived to the hotel, it took us a good half an hour to our room. Once we entered the room, we found out it was a smoking room. We tried to change rooms, but the front desk insisted that the hotel was full.
While stepping out of the hotel for dinner, the humidity really got to me. It was a lot hotter than it was in Beijing. A LOT HOTTER! I could feel myself getting light headed from constantly going from the cold air conditioned buildings to outside where the humidity made you sweat at an instant.
After dinner, I decided to lay my head down for a little bit, but was soon awaken, when I heard a scream coming from my aunt from the washroom. I hurried to see what was the matter, to find the bathtub full of brown water coming from the ceiling. The whole bathroom floor was covered with water, and at that very second, we knew that it was time to change rooms. We called to front desk to see if we could change rooms, but again, they insisted that they would fix the problem and not give us a new room. The cleaning service came to clean up the mess, but still the thought of brown water seeking from the ceiling, while taking a bath, is pretty disturbing. Supposedly, a Japanese tourist from the floor above forgot to turn off his bathtub and decided to take a nap. I swear, things better get better in this hotel.
And, just when things were going down the drain, the hotel doesn’t have free internet. So, sorry about the delay in not updating this blog. But luckily, my cousin Matthew decided that we would split the cost of internet for the time that we spend here in Hong Kong.
Minus all the hotel disaster, Hong Kong is a great city, minus the weather. I really like all the buildings and all the lights. I wish I could spend the rest of my holidays here. I can’t wait to go shopping and take a look at what Hong Kong and Kowloon has to offer!!!

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